We build software. Scaleable. Reliable. Secure.

Quite simple: We are not just nerds who think in bits and bytes, we are also through-and-through entrepreneurs. CEO Hagen Hübel himself has already launched and co-founded various StartUps and therefore knows exactly how well technical decisions have to be considered.

We don't build great-sounding castles in the air, but individual software solutions that will really work. And if you wish, we will also stay on board during ongoing operations.

Meet the Team and our Partners .

ITinance GmbH

Our core competencies

Native crossplatform Apps

For Apple iOS. For Android. For you. We develop your Apps across all platforms either directly native or based on Fluttr or React Native. You want to extend an existing React Native or Fluttr app with certain additional, native functionalities? We can extend it with native code in Objective-C or Java, Swift or Kotlin.

Backend and API

We develop sustainable, scalable backend solutions including REST-API, databases (MySQL, NoSQL), interfaces and web-based, responsive admin interfaces.
Of course including automated tests and automated deployments.

Blockchain. Ethereum.

We love Ethereum. We love decentralization! We've been building Smart Contracts since Ethereum and Solidity came into existence.

We build software for Automotive and Banking industry both on-chain on Ethereum and off-chain including interaction between your backend or frontend and the smart contracts. Of course test driven.

Security Token Offering (STO)

Together with experienced blockchain lawyers and a private bank, we develop your Security Token Offerings (STO) and accompany the project from the Token Contract development over the Token Sale to the Distribution Process. Automatic payment of interests, dividends and tax related tasks are included.

Mobile Payment

Today, nothing works without mobile payment. We integrate mobile payment solutions incl. subscription models via AppStore/PlayStore as well as several other Mobile payment providers both on your Frontend and - if wanted - for automatic payment processes also in your Backend.

Crypto Currencies Payment

Have you ever thought about allowing Bitcoin or Ether as a means of payment? Then we have the solution for you! With our software you can allow crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether or Dash as payment methods without being charged with expensive fees by third-party providers.

Technical Consulting

Expansion, relocation, new tasks? Any change is a challenge for technical environments. Only a well thought-out Techstack strategy prevents unpleasant surprises on the hardware and software side! Ideally, you should consult our technical consulting team at an early stage of the planning process.

Recruitment/Tech interviews

There is a gap in the team, but the requirements of the vacancy are very special? Here it is important to ask the right questions to the applicants in the selection process! You can rely on our many years of recruitment experience in putting together high-class tech teams. We conduct all interviews in your interest and fills your positions with the best people.


You have a cool idea and want to start? We'd love to help!

We listen carefully to your idea and your concerns and together we will develop pragmatic and uncomplicated solutions.

Our products and services

STO Ethereum Stellar Lumens Blockchain Security-Token Backend Online-Payment Cryptocurrencies Crypto-Payment KYC SmartContracts

Security Token Offering Launchpad
Multiple clients

With a team of specialists we've built an STO-launchpad as a Token Sale & Distribution application that is completely aligned with German law, backed by german STO & blockchain experienced lawyers. We offer all services along the whole STO-process.

Our Features and Services:
  • White Label application both for single and multi Asset Issuers
  • Smart Contracts for Token on Ethereum
  • Tokens on Stellar Lumens
  • Token Sale, Backend, REST-API for third party integrations
  • Crypto-Payment, Online Payment
  • Integration of multiple KYC-Provider
  • Automatic payments of interests and/or dividends
  • Automatic tax reports for the issuer and its investors
  • Custody of Crypto funds and for token holders with several custody providers
  • Legal support and support for technical terms in the Prospectus
  • Multiple marketing and analytics tools and interfaces
  • iOS + Android Wallet App (Whitelabeling possible) for Self Custody
Ethereum Blockchain SmartContracts Backend API NodeJS

Ethereum Development & Consulting
Vehicle Big Data Marketplace

Since this project is NDA protected and not completed yet and because of other reasons, we can't mention the clients name right now.

For a european Vehicle Big Data Marketplace we investigated and developed Smart Contracts on Ethereum in order to store life time data of a vehicle on a permissionless decentralized Blockchain. The Data collection includes repairs, replacement parts, mileage and accidents.

What we did:
  • Smart Contracts on Ethereum (openZepplin, testdriven)
  • Angular based Web Frontend with Metamask
  • Backend, REST-API for Interaction with Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts
ICO Ethereum Blockchain Token Backend Online-Payment Cryptocurrencies Crypto-Payment KYC SmartContracts MySQL Sylius Symfony

nuco.cloud - Distributed Cloud Computing

The nuco.cloud opens the door for new applications that need high computing power to be portable on your smartphone or tablet without needing a supercomputer or server-center on hold in case you need to use the app.

nuco.cloud is the first ever blockchain-project to receive a grant by BAFA (German Federal Office for economic affairs)

What we did:
  • Smart Contracts for Token on Ethereum
  • Vesting Contracts on Ethereum
  • Token Sale & Distribution Launchpad
  • Backend, REST-API
  • Crypto-Payment, Online Pament
  • Integration of KYC-Provider Fractals

More Information: https://nuco.cloud
Fluttr Ethereum Blockchain Token Backend Payment Cryptocurrencies Aeternity SmartContracts Sylius Symfony

Your Art is Reality

Great art produced by great artists has undying and undeniable power and value. YAIR takes the value of art and secures it with blockchain technology, making it available to a global community of collectors, traders and enthusiasts. YAIR works with great artists to produce digital artworks. Each artwork exists exclusively embodied as a limited supply of crypto-tokens. Each token unlocks access to experience the artwork and is an equity percentage of the artwork itself. The art is the token. The token is the product. The product is the art.

What we did:
  • Smart Contracts for Token on Ethereum and Aeternity
  • Cross-Platform App with Flutter (iOS, Android)
  • Backend, REST-API
  • Mobile Payment

More Information: https://yair.art
ICO Ethereum Blockchain Token Backend Online-Payment Cryptocurrencies Crypto-Payment KYC SmartContracts MySQL Sylius Symfony


Cleyonds vision is simple: to provide a solution to an urgent environmental problem and offering a real product to achieve it. The CYO token sale will establish mechanisms for cleyond to efficiently execute its vision: ‘a scalable solution to a global problem: plastic waste’ and to align the interest of token holders with the interests of the team.

Our contribution:
  • Backend for Token Sale and Distribution Platform
  • Integrated Payment with Crypto Currencies (Bitcoin, Ether)
  • Smart Contracts on Ethereum Blockchain for Crowd Token Sale and ERC 20 Token
  • Marketing Tools Integration like Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics and Statistics

More Information: https://cleyond.com
React-Native Redux Redux-Saga iOS Android

Clever commuting via app 2016/2017

Frequent travellers, who mainly fly between two places, can now leave the annoying side effects of their commuter life to this app. The SuperCommuter app helps with planning, booking and overview of the numerous flights.

Unser Beitrag:
  • Rich UI & Design, Animationen
  • Flug-Suchmaschine powered by GoLang
  • Flugbuchungs-Tool
  • Mobile Payment
React-Native Encryption DRM AES256 Sqlite3 Redux Redux-Saga iOS Android Backend Sylius Symfony API

Zizzle App

Zizzle is the first app to transport Mandarin and Chinese characters with proven memo techniques into the minds of its users. Unlike all other Chinese learning apps currently available, it works with visualization, keywords and association chains.

Our contribution:
  • App for iOS- and Android with approx. 80% crossplatform code sharing (via React-Native)
  • Backend for content creation (images, audio files, texts)
  • Synchronization with the backend, offline use through local Sqlite3 database
  • AES256-Encryption and Digital Rights Management for lesson content
  • InApp-Payment / Subscriptions / Subscriptions via iTunes & Play Store
  • Teacher portal and client suitability in the backend
  • AWS: Lambda, S3 and Cloudfront for Image storage and resizing

More Information: https://zizzle.io
React-Native Sqlite Redux Redux-Saga iOS Android Slim-Framework API


With the app developed by us, Energetix retailers always have the whole range with them: on the markets, for jewellery presentations at the host or events. The search for certain articles is via different parameters possible, switching between languages and currencies child's play.

Our contribution:
  • Integration of company-internal interfaces and services
  • Implementation to full offline capability incl. synchronization
  • Local storage via Sqlite3-Database
  • Modern and stylish App-Design

More Information: https://energetix.tv
React-Native Sqlite AWS Lambda Transcoding LAME iOS Android API LoopBack StrongLoop MongoDB


Cooblr is the first 100% independently programmed messenger under German data protection law to take the data of its communication participants seriously. In addition to the normal chat function, extended functions such as file dispatch, team creation and an internal event planner make the app a real asset in team communication.

Our contribution:
  • App for iOS and Android
  • Backend with Rest-API based on NodeJS and MySQL and MongoDB as database
  • Offline-usage of the Messaging app with local Sqlite3-database and background synchronization
  • AWS Transcoding Service for Audio and Video-Transcoding
  • AWS Lambda and S3/Cloudfront for Image & Audio processing and -storage
  • LAME-based Mp3-Encoding for Audio-Messages
Symfony MySQL iOS Objective-C API

Directory of FARM SHOPS since 2012

This platform, founded by ITinance CEO Hagen Hübel, gives farmers' and farm shops the opportunity to present itself with its product range and other services. The linked blog provides interesting, thematically appropriate additional content.

Our contribution:
  • Design and web application
  • Frontend and Backend (LAMP, Symfony, MySql)
  • iOS-App
  • Search engine optimization
  • AWS: S3 and Cloudfront for Image storage and static content

More Information: https://dein-bauernladen.de/
React-Native Sqlite Redux Redux-Saga iOS Android API

Nachtplan App
The Party-calendar for Germanys Nightlife

Night owls looking for the best electro, darkwave and gothic events in the Ruhr area will find what they are looking for in the night calendar app. It is the appgeworden counterpart to the magazine of the same name ... only more convenient.

Unser Beitrag:
  • React-Native App für iOS und Android

More Information: https://nachtplan.de/
die nachtplan-App im AppStore die nachtplan-App im PlayStore
Symfony MySQL iOS Cordova API

Medolan -

With Medolan, a new health portal has been launched, which enables the recording, maintenance and evaluation of Health data facilitated. It also helps the user to become more deeply aware of his own state of health and to identify factors influencing his own health.

The system is able to evaluate individual measured values or measured values in combination and thus draw conclusions about possible correlations and health risks. These graphically and tabular statistics can then be forwarded directly to the attending physician and thus provide him with clear facts on which he can base his diagnosis.

Our contribution:
  • Frontend and Backend (LAMP, Symfony, MySql)
  • AWS: S3 and Cloudfront for Image storage and static content
  • Design of the web application

Hagen Hübel - Founder

With 30 years experience Hagen is at the apex of software and blockchain innovation. Working on highly scalable and complex technical applications and startups over the past 3 decades delivering real commercial value.

As a full stack developer he has worked with almost every programming language that the Planet has ever seen, started with Assembler when he was 15 years old and sold his first software.

He is an open source fanatic and frequent contributor to many libraries and frameworks on GitHub.

Further Profiles:

Lukas Krigar -
Innovation & Strategy

Lukas has over 10 years experience advising boards of established companies and startups in finance, real estate and technology. Over the past 3 years Lukas has specialised in token economics, tokenisation and digitalised finance. Creating innovative business models whilst running blockchain and technology startups. He combines modelling expertise through a legal and technology lens.

Further Profiles:

Melanie Hübel -
Assistant to the CEO

With her long year experience as Team Assistant and Management Assistant at - for instance - Peek & Cloppenburg and HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhard, Melanie decided to join ITinance GmbH in 2017.
She'll take care of the bookkeeping and finances, organizes appointments and business trips.



Gaylord Aulke -
CEO @ 100Days GmbH

IT Scalability, Blockchain, Kubernetes and Application Architecture: Gaylord is the development expert helping us to create the big picture concept of the coding and security structure behind the Security Token Sale Platform and other projects as well as implementing it. He and his company 100 days are highly experienced in large-scale software projects. If we need a high skilled expert, we contact him on our mutual Slack.
Vice versa, we help him if he or his team needs us.

Further Profiles:

Robert Oppenheim


Robert is a lawyer at Lindenpartners since 2013. As a specialist lawyer, Robert supports banks and financial institutions in all issues of banking supervision and capital markets law. His focus in FinTech Consulting is on Robo Advisory, Crowd Investing and Payments. Advising companies for their token offerings, crypto-assets and Blockchain/DLT.

Eric Romba


Eric is a lawyer and partner at Lindenpartners. Lindenpartners are legal specialists in crypto-assets and blockchain. Eric’s approach to advising his clients is to understand where they wish to go, and develop an attitude together. Pairing pragmatic solutions and entrepreneurial understanding is the key.

Axel von Goldbeck


Axel is a Partner at DWF, engaged with advising blockchain companies in the financial and real assets industry. He is a leading expert in advising on the regulatory aspects of security tokens across borders whilst working with the German and other national regulators to improve the legal framework for blockchain enterprises and advises national and international issuers on asset token issuances.


Of course we are available for you on all current channels: from classic telephone to email to all major chat apps and messengers.

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Whatsapp, Telegram, Threema, Facetime, Facebook Messenger: +49 151 27010524
Skype: hagenhuebel


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